Wink Runs Away
Dogcraft ep11
Episode 11
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May 16, 2014



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"Wink Runs Away" is the eleventh episode of Dogcraft and was uploaded May 16th, 2014

Overview Edit

Stacy wink-0

Wink on top of Stacy

The episode began with Stacy checking on Wink (who she made into a "Super Dog" the episode before). Upon arriving at 'Noah's Bark' Stacy found Wink sick and "bloody" from lack of food.

The following day, Stacy made a food bowl for Wink and fed him raw chicken and beef which unsuccessfully cured him. Stacy then went onto feeding him cooked meat and accidentally placing him on Stacy's head. Wink appeared much better and eventually cured after taking a bath and being introduced to Page and Molly.

Stacy then went onto give Wink five points in the 'Puppy eyes' talent, making Villagers give free items such as food and other items. To test out the talent, Stacy and Wink travelled to the nearby village but found the village abandoned and presumably struck with a Zombie attack.

As the two headed back home at night, Stacy realised Wink was not with her. Wink then teleported to Stacy in her bedroom and the episode ended with Wink and Molly going to bed.