Udder Chaos
Episode 4
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March 29, 2014



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Omelets, Creampuffs & Squickens, Oh My

"Udder Chaos" is the fourth episode of Dogcraft and was uploaded March 29th, 2014.

Overview Edit

The episode starts with Stacy quickly revealing her new outfit made by a fan, pointing out her now green eyes like they are IRL. She heads outside giving a little tour on a more expanded farm and shows that Lil' Yellow Fluffball has become an adult, Stacy had also been mining before recording, revealing 9 diamonds and over 40 iron.

Stacy then harvests the wheat and expands on the farm, eventually luring sheep into a pen, afterwards Stacy breeds her cows together with the wheat. Aside from farming Stacy collects clay and expands on her house.

While throwing more eggs to hatch chicks, Stacy accidentally lets Lil' Yellow Fluff Ball escape. With it being night, many mobs were a distraction and while running away from a Creeper, another blew up next to the house leaving a giant hole in the house. The episode ends after it becomes daytime and Stacy rebuilds the wall.


  • Stacy revealing her new outfit
  • Stacy breeding the cows
  • A Creeper exploding Stacy's house
  • Stacy with the house fixed