The Cowardly Tails
Dogcraft ep10
Episode 10
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May 10, 2014



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"The Cowardly Tails" is the tenth episode of Dogcraft and was uploaded May 10th, 2014

Overview Edit

The episode begins with Stacy unveiling her new home! The primary material is Birch wood and Planks with the bottom flooring being Japanese Maple. Throughout the video, in the top right corner, the building process of her home is displayed. Stacy then begins the task of moving Page and Molly into her home, along with making them dog beds.

Stacy then checks on the dogs but mentions how Tails has escaped, she checks the cow pen (as a joke) but finds Tails actually is among the cows, Stacy then leads Tails back into her kennel area. Afterwards Stacy leads Page and Molly into her new home.

Stacy then sheers her sheep to get some wool and makes two dog beds for Page and Molly, then goes to the kitchen to make chocolate covered strawberries as a treat for herself.

Stacy's final goal of the episode was to find a bone, completing this when she gets one from a skeleton. She then crafts it with wheat, sugar, string and gunpowder to make a training bone! Stacy then ends the episode by using the training bone on Wink and giving him a special power.  



  • This is the first episode to contain the title card at the beginning of the episode.