The 101 Dalmatians are very significant on Stacy's channel, as they are not only featured in most Dogcraft episodes, but the real-life book is also featured in Bookcraft

One of Stacy's main goals in Dogcraft was to collect 101 Dalmatians, due to her love of dogs and the Disney movie of the same name. She achieved this by breeding Pongo & Perdita almost every episode and naming the puppies after viewers, friends and suggestions.

Originally, Stacy bred the dalmatians on the third floor of her apartment, in which she named the 'Dalmatian Plantation', but she later made another build, based on a building from the book, known as 'Hill Hall'.

Pongo and Perdita Edit

Pongo perdita

Pongo and Perdita

Pongo and Perdita are the parents of the 99 Dalmatians and were the first Dalmatians tamed by Stacy. Much like the book characters, Pongo and Perdita have the same color collars (red and blue).

After their dogs were stolen by Cruella de Vil, Pongo and Perdita traveled through the Bookcraft portal and waited for Stacy to come and rescue the Dogs.

Cruella de Vil Edit

Cruella de Vil is the main villain of the book. She was originally mentioned by Ms. Reedsalaught  in Bookcraft, and the two were apparently college roommates. 


Cruella de Vil

In episode 123 of Dogcraft, Cruella de Vil created a portal (made from books) to bring her from the Bookcraft universe to the Dogcraft world. At the time Stacy had just reached the 101 Dalmatians and in the Bookcraft world Stacy had been building from the 101 Dalmatians book.

Cruella took the dogs to her home ('Hill Hall') where Stacy, with the help of her Bookcraft dog Dogear, eventually found and killed Cruella, freeing her dalmatians in the process. 

Hill Hall Edit

Hill Hall

Hill Hall in Dogcraft

In the Bookcraft universe, 'Hill Hall' was Cruella's home and place to contain the Dalmatians, after Stacy had defeated Cruella and returned the dogs, Hill Hall was "magically brought into the world of Dogcraft and restored".

The build is behind the Tom Cat Towers. It was placed here because in the books, Hill Hall was in a Snow Biome.

Poodle Place Edit

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.18.31 PM

The Poodle Place is the 3rd story in the Hill Hall where all of the dyed poodles live. They were all bred there and were usually taken to Dr. Ninehealer's Clinic after birth. Now, all 14 dyed poodles live in there, including the first poodle, Georgette.

Poodle Place Dogs:

Georgette- Light Gray

Sugar- White

Plum- Purple

Puddle- Light Blue

Cyanna- Cyan

Goldie- Yellow

Tiramisu- Brown

Flossy- Pink

Fauna- Green

Forest- Lime

Flora- Magenta

Marmalade- Orange

Scarlet- Red

Azure- Blue

Onyx- Black

Grayser- Gray

List of the Dalmatians of the Dalmatian Plantation: Edit

# Name # Name
1 Jaspar 53 Red
2 Enzo 54 Tanner
3 Toast 55 Helen
4 Daisy 56 Alice
5 Scamp 57 Victoria
6 Pennie 58 Mckenzie
7 Cupcake 59 Peekatchu
8 Indahly 60 Christian
9 Magic 61 Stevie
10 Dash 62 Cord
11 Quincey 63 Angelina
12 Wonder 64 Lydia
13 Harley 65 Ricarda
14 Kayla 66 Sam
15 Crystal 67 Gwydian
16 Mykaila 68 Nathan
17 Dennis 69 Jaspanda
18 Ryan 70 Amy
19 Christian 71 Angelica
20 Emily 72 Andrew
21 Olivia 73 Eva
22 OliviaSW 74 Marc
23 Luke 75 Nicky
24 Elmer 76 Blizzard
25 Matthew 77 Kate
26 Veronica 78 Rain
27 Milky 79 Teagin
28 Bere 80 Trent
29 Dana 81 Pigglet
30 Hope 82 Izzy
31 Georgia 83 Socks
32 Laura 84 Aileen
33 Cason 85 Mom
34 Ben 86 Dan
35 Ydolem 87 Julia
36 Freddi 88 Kristen
37 Katelyn 89 Sophia
38 Turner 90 Patrizia
39 Shawn 91 Lizzy
40 Andy 92 Lilly
41 Cupquake 93 Pudgy Cat
42 Anthony 94 Jeo
43 Will 95 Meghan
44 Whippet 96 Austin
45 Anthony Jr. 97 Kieran
46 Liv 98 Jessica
47 Bitta 99 Pongo
48 Emily 100 Perdita
49 Sydney 101 Emmy
50 Gabi
51 Julie
52 Alayna