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April 20, 2015



Strawburry17Plays (real name Meghan Camarena) is a YouTube vlogger and gamer. She has accompanied Stacy in several Minecraft series and are very good friends.

Personal Life Edit

Meghan started off making random videos and music videos with her younger brother David (dayviideo) in 2009. Her most viewed video is a music video to "Vanilla Twillight" by Owl City, with approximately 4,300,000 views.

Meghan also tweeted that she and YouTuber Jimmy Wong, broke up after two years of being in an relationship. Meghan had updated everyone in her "Aholaaa!" vlog when she and Jimmy were in Hawaii together.

Meghan is a former employee of, where she met her close friends Lizzie, Stacy, and Joey

Collabs with Stacy Edit

Strawburry17 Skin

Meghan's Minecraft Skin

Crafting Dead Edit

Main Article: The Crafting Dead

Meghan joined Stacy and Joey in the Crafting Dead which was a modded survival series where Joey and Stacy fight for survival against zombie mobs. Meghan joined in episode 21 and continued to appear in future episodes.

Mini Games Edit

Meghan Played several Minecraft Mini Games with Stacy including colour shuffle and flappy bird (minecraft version).

Ender Edit

Main Article: Ender

As a Halloween special, Stacy and Meghan played a mini game called Ender. The game has the same objective as Slender, where you need to collect 8 pages in a dark forest before the Enderman kills you.

Episode links 1 and 2

Super Hardcore Edit

After the re-launch of Meghan's channel, Stacy assisted Meghan in a Super Hardcore series which has the same objective of UHC, a fight to the death survival series where the last person alive wins.

UHShe Edit

Main Article: UHShe

UHShe is an all female Ultra Hardcore series created by Stacy. Meghan participated in the third Season, where she was fairly scared of PVP (Player vs Player), this made Meghan go into hiding at some points of the season. Meghan finished in second place, losing to HeyImBee.

UHShe Stats Edit

Elimination History Edit

Season Team Status Episode(s) Individual Kill(s) Team Kills(s) Individual Rank Team Rank
S.3 - Slain by HeyImBee 7 0 - 2nd -
S.4 - Tried to swim in lava to escape Zombie 3 0 - 14th -
S.8 Team Skull Slain by BasicallyBea - Disney 9 0 0 3rd 2nd

Strawburry17 Channel Edit


Meghan's has two channels, her main channel called Strawberry17 which consists mainly of DIY tutorials, gaming, cosplay, cooking and toys. The channel now has over 960,000 subscribers. [1]

In December, 2013, Stacy temporarily took over Meghan's Gaming Tuesdays, and posted videos of Minecraft games such as Hungercraft, The Clock, and Sky Wars. [2]

Meghan's second is called LifeBurry, a daily vlogging channel which has over 360,000 subscribers. [3]

Meghan (alongside Joey and Lizzie) were part of, a channel Stacy used to work for before her gaming channel.

On April 20th, 2015, Meghan created a new channel dedicated to only gaming, which she had previously taken a break from. [4] Meghan is currently a member of The Cube season 3 (Team Bee). Stacy also made a voice cameo in Meghan's second Cube episode, giving her a few tips.

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