Date Joined
  • August 3rd, 2006 - stampylongnose
  • July 29th, 2011 - stampylonghead


Stampylonghead is an English Actor, Gamer, and YouTuber. It is the second channel made by Joseph Garrett. He has appeared in several vlogs and gaming videos with horselover2305.
Stampy skin

Stampy's skin

Collabs with Stacy Edit

Vlogs Edit

Stampy appears in several of Stacy's Vlogs. The first video was stacy's 'Disneyland with Stampy', where the two were at Disneyland and Stacy interviewed Stampy's minecraft charater.

Stampy, Stacy and Sqaishey all travelled together to Minecon of 2015. AmyLee Joined them at the event.

Stacy stampy

Stacy and Stampy

Wonder Quest Edit

Stacy guest stared in Stampy's Wonder Quest series, a series which is educational and features multiple other youtubers.

Stacy explained to Stampy and Wizard keen how an ecosystem works. She also explained how her dogs were stolen by Heinous making more rabbits turn up and eating her crops, the dogs used to scare off the rabbits.

After Stampy had replanted the crops and released bees, the crops grew much faster. Heinous then turned up to get Stacy's dogs to attack but they instead attacked Heinous. These dogs were Wink, Everest, Noah, Basil, Addison, and Tucker (Stacy's Dogcraft dogs). As a thank you, Stacy gave Stampy tree seeds to grow for his wonderment.

Mario Maker Edit

Main Article: Mario Maker

Mario Maker is a side-scrolling platform video game and is the first series to completely feature Stampy, it allows both Stacy and Stampy to create various levels for the other to play on any difficulty and size.

Minecraft Story Mode House Edit

Stampy and Stacy Built their Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 houses. They had a parrot party at the end of Part 1, and did a Part 2 because their houses were destroyed and by the Colossi and was rebuilt by the citizens.

Minor Appearances Edit

Dogcraft Edit

Stacy has a cat named after Stampy in Dogcraft. He was born in Episode 28 as a baby kitten, he later grew up throughout the episode. In Episode 113, Stampy ate too much cake making him sick and needed to be taken to Dr. Ninehealer.

Cake QuestEdit

Stampy made a very brief cameo during the Cake Quest finale. He appeared to land on the cake planet, eating the cake as he ran by. He eventually made his way into Stacy's office and began reading her diary. 

Stampy's Channels Edit

Stampy has four channels. His first channel is called "stampylongnose" which has over 300,000 subscriber count. Its content is mostly Call of Duty games, and more shooting games. His most popular channel is stampylonghead which has over 7,500,000 subscribers. [1] His newest channel is Wonder Quest with over 350,000 subscribers. [2]

Stampy's third channel is MagicAnimalClub, which is used for uploading vlogs. It currently has over 770 thousand subscribers. [3]

Trivia Edit

  • Stampy is also great friends with his Minecraft Helpers.
  • Netty is Stampy's sister.
  • Sqaishey is Stampy's girlfriend.
  • His Youtube account was banned by Google and Youtube for an unknown reason.
  • He's been interviewed on various TV shows, including "Good Morning Britain".

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