StacyPlays Minecraft Advent Calendar
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December 1st, 2017


December 24th, 2017

The StacyPlays Minecraft Advent Calendar was a daily holiday series that began on December 1st, 2017. The final episode was released on December 24th of that year.


Every day, Stacy will be opening a new room to her beautifully Christmas-y Advent Calender, with each room containing a different mystery guest! Each room contains several Christmas Presents that the guest will open, which will reveal a minigame that the two will play together. Who do you think will be behind the next door? Tune in to find out!


Day # Guest(s) Minigame
1 HeyImBee Build Battle
2 Parker_Games Murder Mystery
3 Graser10 Farm Hunt
4 JOEYGRACEFFA Hungercraft*
5 Seriiiously Santa Says
6 Kiingtong Grinch Simulator
7 Smajor1995 Bacon Brawl
8 yammy_xox TurboKart Racers
9 bigbst4tz2 TNT Games
10 HBomb94 Farm Hunt
11 ShubbleYT Build Battle


Smallishbeans TNT Games
13 Real Thinknoodles Grinch Simulator
14 Nathan_Oneday & Jaspanda Grinch Simulator
15 CaptainSparklez Grinch Simulator
16 Aphmau Build Battle
17 GamerBurry Build Battle
18 Seapeekay Murder Mystery
19 Stampylonghead Glide*
20 Viewers Murder Mystery
21 BBPaws Murder Mystery
22 JeromeASF Build Battle
23 Logodotzip Santa Says
24 LDShadowLady Christmas Map*


  • The Minecraft Advent Calendar was build by Nathan_Oneday and Jaspanda.
  • Beggining at Episode 6, a short intro was added to the start of the episode.
  • Yammy was a guest on Stacy's 8th episode of her Advent Series, while Stacy was also a guest on Yammy's 8th episode of her advent series. 
  • This series marked Stacy's first time recording with bigbst4tz2, Thinknoodles, JeromeASF, and Logodotzip. 
  • Joey, Stampy, and Lizzie's days were different from the rest. That is beacause they played minigames that were not associated with the calender.