Here you will find an up-to-date list of all StacyPlays merchandise currently available for purchase or pre-order. Clicking each picture will take you to the respective item on the Maker Shop.

Some items may not be in stock or have retired.

As of July 14, 2016, Stacy announced that she and Maker Studios parted. She is currently working on her own shop.[1]

Following the announcement for the 2016 Holiday Mug, Stacy confirmed for more products in the upcoming new year, 2017. Some of the new products she mentioned are shirts and plushies.[2]

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  • Seasonal or limited edition merchandise is common.
  • The model of Stacy's child-sized "Page and Molly Love Me," shirt is her niece, Harper.
  • The model of Stacy's man-sized "StacyPlays," shirt is Stacy's friend, Andy.
  • A portion of proceeds from The Candy Isle Poster went to an animal charity to protect animals "like Toby or Norman the Narwhal". 
  • The Candy Isle poster was so successful that Stacy and Amy extended it's availability by one month.  
  • In Dogcraft: Episode 160, Stacy confirms that there are Dogcraft posters that will be available in the near future.[3] In the same episode, she also hinted at the released of Page and Molly Plushies.
  • 10% of the money earned from the Page and Molly plushies will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.
    • Only 1,000 of the plushies were created 
  • The StacyPlays 2015 Holiday Mug is considered to be more of a collectible as it will be the only mug to include Page, Molly, and Polly.[4] In the middle of the process of creating the mugs, Stacy had only rescued Milquetoast thus not making Milquetoast in the final cut.
    • About 1,500 of the 2016 Holiday Mug was made. However, some of the mugs broke upon delivery. 
  • The original Green StacyPlays backpack featured Stacy's pets, Page, Polly, and Molly, while the newest version features Page, Polly, Molly, and Milquetoast.
    • Due to the backpack receiving a redesign, the original is considered a collectible item.

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