Pumpkin Quest
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March 13th, 2014


May 8th, 2014

Pumpkin Quest was an eight-part mini-series with Stacy, Joey Graceffa and LDShadowlady (aka Lizzie) that began on March 13, 2014.

Overview Edit

The main goal of the game was to perform different tasks for the mysterious "Pumpkin King," hence the title of the map. The map can be downloaded Here.

The trio began in their "home," with 3 invisible horses. It ended with them (mainly Joey) blowing up the world as Stacy filled with her majestic white Ghasts.

Episode List Edit

# Title Airdate Duration
1 Three Amigos! 13th March, 2014 16:52
2 Button Queen 17th March, 2014 24:17
3 Stacy, You Jumped Into Lava! 24th March, 2014 17:10
4 Don't Touch My Frosty Diamonds 25th March, 2014 16:39
5 The Jig Is Up! 6th April, 2014 15:58
6 Porkchops For Everyone! 10th April, 2014 15:34
7 Button Fail 3rd May, 2014 16:37
8 Destroying The World 8th May, 2014 23:12

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first series to feature Lizzie
  • Joey and Lizzie created the nickname of 'Button Queen' for Stacy, because of her skill of finding hidden buttons in the 'Sapling Forest'.
    • Since then Stacy has received butt/button related nicknames throughout many of her series:
      • In Find The Button, due to Stacy's ability to find the button, her nickname "Button Queen" resurfaced by Joey and Lizzie.
      • In Diversity, Cupquake gave Stacy the nickname "Butt Queen" for similar reasons as before.
      • In The Candy Isle, Amy gave Stacy the nickname "Queen of the Butts" because of Stacy befriending fairies that has butt-related names.