One Life Is a Survival server. The aim of the series is to avoid dying as there is no heart regeneration enabled, so players only have one life.

Stacy played on the server in Season 2 and Season 3.

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Stacy's house was built in a modded biome called a bamboo forest. She tamed a wolf wearing a sorcerer's hat Pawter and a horse with a glass block in its body (Pane in the Butt). She also tamed a number of foxes which were able to hunt for specific blocks after being fed them, including ores. Her foxes were named Furmione, Pawdzel, Tundra, and Sleuth.

Stacy died four minutes into her fifth episode. A new plant-like hostile mob called a Foliath was added mid-season, and they happened to spawn on the ground near Stacy's house in the bamboo forest, which she had chosen before the mod was added. While trying to return home on her horse, Stacy did not notice the warning that a blood moon was rising. Stacy walked into the Foliaths which held on to her and attacked her, killing Pane in the Butt. Due to the blood moon, the Foliaths were more numerous than they normally would be, and even when Stacy broke free of one two more spawned in and killed her while she was eating a golden apple, ending Stacy’s season. Stacy only died because she didn't know how strong the Foliaths are and when they appear so that is they cause of Stacy's death. The Foliaths were just throwing her into each other.

  • This is the second SMP server Stacy has been in, first being The Cube, and third being The Deep End
  • This is the series with the most mods in it, second place being Mystic Mesa also with a lot of mods
  • Pawter (Stacy’s dog in S3) traveled across her channel to another series. From One Life (S3) to Mystic Mesa. A lot like Marrow Lynn (Her skeleton horse) in S2
  • In season 3, Stacy collabed with nobody.
  • This is the first time she has died in One Life before the Purge.