Omelets, Creampuffs & Squickens, Oh My
Episode 5
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April 5, 2014



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"Omelets, Creampuffs & Squickens, Oh My" is the fifth epawsode of Dogcraft and was uploaded April 5th, 2014.

Overview Edit

Continuing on from Lil' Yellow Fluff Ball's escape, Stacy manages to find and trap him in a boxed up area. Stacy then shows the improvements made with her mining system and farm area (which harvestewheat).

Stacy then went onto creating "Sheep incest" by breeding a mother sheep with her child, the episode featured many animals being named, listed below:

Chick Edit

  • Omelet
  • Creampuff

Cows Edit

Sheep Edit

  • Pillow (light grey sheep)
  • Cream (white sheep)
  • Cookie (black sheep)
  • Oreo (grey sheep)
After naming one of the sheep, Stacy ran out of levels making her decide to go to the Nether. She actually died in this epawsode, because when she was mining Obsidian, a Creeper spawned and exploded, throwing her into the lava. Stacy spawns back to her bed with her inventory items, realizing that she has Inventory on 'true'. She builds the portal in her mine and went to the Nether to gather Quartz for levels. After naming the animals, Stacy then combined two eggs with inc sacks to create squeggs, resulting in two Squickens to hatch. The episode ends after the Squickens were named 'Squirt' and 'Lizzie'

Deaths Edit

Omelet Edit

Omelet was one of Stacy's recently named chicks who drowned in it's pen while Stacy was trying to bring back several escaped chickens.

"I think Omelet turned into an egg!"

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks Stacy's first death of the series.
  • 'Lizzie' the Squicken is named after LDShadowLady.