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January 1, 2015



Noob Quest is a single-player survival Minecraft series. The first episode was released on January 1, 2015. 

It is unknown if Stacy will finish the series. 

Overview Edit

The series is Stacy's way of shedding her "noob" status. In the series, the goal is to collect and complete every X-Box achievement, eventually leading up to her defeating the Ender Dragon. 

In the series, Stacy is a fox, which is one of her favorite animals, and her house is an underground fox den. The main reasoning of this was the X-Box's limited amount of skins, so she couldn't use her normal blue-and-white striped skin. 

Originally, Stacy wanted the series to not use a texture pack, as she feel she neglected the default Minecraft texture, however, towards the end of the series she began showcasing each of the other texture packs, before switching back to default at the end. A running gag in the series was Stacy accidentally going into third person perspective, usually in near-death situations, and Stacy accidentally throwing an item, both of which were caused by Stacy not fully being used to the X-Box's keys. 

On February 19th, 2016, Noob Quest supposedly went on hiatus, but Stacy revealed that the reason Noob Quest hasn't aired because of her being " nooby" with the controls to the point where she threw in the towel on the series. While Stacy was mining in My Storymode House, she explained that she was getting much better with the controls, and might come back to the series. This made some people angry. 

Episode List Edit

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Achievements List Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Stacy's Noob Quest skin was meant to be of Page, along with her username "MyDogPage", but Stacy eventually decided that Stacy was playing as a fox, and changed her username to "StacyTheFox."
  • Noob Quest is made unique from Stacy's other series because it is the only series current or ended in which Stacy has been familiar with the gameplay and in-game rules/limitations, but unfamiliar with the controls
  • Stacy has recently suggested using more texture packs in the series, debuting her first in episode 45, "This is Weird."
  • Noob Quest is Stacy's only Minecraft series without its own intro/outro music.
  • Stacy was trying to complete the series, with 64 being her target episode total. This being like a Minecraft stack of episodes
    • However, she has stated that it is unlikely she will continue the series, as in her absence more achievements were added.