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May 6th, 2016



Mystic Mesa is an ongoing singleplayer modded series which premiered on May 6th, 2016.


Mystic Mesa is a mod pack designed by StacyPlays around her favorite Minecraft biome, the mesa! Not only are these biomes now common, but they are filled with mysterious creatures including new types of mythical wolves, exotic birds, unicorns, dinosaurs and lots and lots of hostile mobs.

Mystic Mesa Mods

Stacy's Wolves mod

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A number of mods have been added and removed as the series progresses. Removed mods are shown with a strikethrough.


To see Mystic Mesa episodes, click this page.

Mod Developers


  • Stacy had been hinting towards this series since June 2015. 
  • It is possible that this series was originally supposed to be in Creative, as in the Bookcraft Q & A when she first mentioned it, she said that it was in Creative. [1]
  • A trailer of Mystic Mesa was included at the end of Stacy's 'Dirtcraft' April Fools Day video.
  • The Stacy's Wolves Mod is a custom mod created specifically for Stacy. 
  • On September 4th, an updated version of the mod was released, with 16 new wolves being added.
  • The dirt wolf from the Stacy's Wolves Mod originated from Stacy's April Fools joke "Dirtcraft", and she decided to keep it in the series.
    • Before Stacy's Wolves Mod, the series was expected to have Dragons dependent on the spawned biome, but the mod struggled to run and caused some of the other mods to break.
  • The series was originally said to air twice a week, Sundays and Thursdays, but eventually it was changed to Tuesdays and Fridays. [2]
  • The modpack is developed by Feed The Beast. 
  • Stacy aimed to premiere the series by the end of 2015; unfortunately, the series did not premiere until mid-2016 due to some of the mods not being compatible with each other.  [3]
  • The Mystic Mesa mod pack, as well as a copy of Stacy's generated world, were both made available for viewers to download and play along. The Mystic Mesa mod pack received over 1000 downloads under 24 hours of availability to the public.[4]
  • An early idea for the name of the series was "Modded Mesa". [5]
  • Stacy's main "pack" of wolves in this series consists of Pearl, Piper, Paisley, Ribsy, Patch, Atlas, and Ember.