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Episode 27 "Catcraft" (Dogcraft)

Milquetoast is a Domestic Shorthair cat that Stacy found, rescued, and made friends with on November 18th, 2015. He is the first cat Stacy has owned as a pet, and is credited for turning her into a "cat person" as well as a "dog person." 

Appearance Edit

Milquetoast has bright blue eyes, grey-brown patches scattered on his back and flank, and stripes down his tail. He is small to medium in size, and Stacy has described his build as "athletic."

Based on his facial characteristics and body structure, Milquetoast is most likely a Domestic Shorthair cat. His coat color is most likely "blue lynx point", but it is also possible that he may be a "lilac lynx point". These colors are common in the Siamese breed but also occur in many others, including domestic cats.


On November 18th, 2015, while pulling into a grocery store, a kitten passed by Stacy's car and into a bush. After trying to get closer to the cat, Stacy soon bought cat treats in hope to lure the cat to her to see if it had a tag.  [1] Milquetoast was very scared of people, and it took close to 20 minutes for Stacy to coax the cat over to her. Stacy took the cat home for the night, and took him to a vet the next day. 

He did not have a tag, was not neutered, and suffered from a blood clot in his right eye, likely caused by either running directly into a twig or abuse. He also was infested with roundworms. At the time of it's rescue, Milquetoast was estimated to be around 7 months old. For the first couple of days, Stacy kept the cat in a large crate in her garage. He has a blood clot in his eye, and Stacy thinks he might have been poked in the eye by a twig, but her vet thinks he was shot in the eye by a BB gun.  [1]

On Stacy's twitter she says that she got wheat cat litter for him. Every time she gets poked by his wheat tipped claws she sometimes gets an allergic reaction. She also says "I won't eat his litter.." 

While the idea of keeping Milquetoast at the time was not a thought in Stacy's head, she eventually realized just how much she liked Milquetoast, and she soon welcomed him in as part of her animal family. 

The first released picture of Milquetoast, with an eye swollen shut


Originally, Milquetoast was said to be very shy and timid. However, he has since come out from his shell, and is viewed as having quite a mischievous and playful personality. He is known for being exceptionally sweet and would constantly ask to be held by Stacy.

In many of Stacy's Monday Vlogs and unboxing videos, Milque can be seen playing with various pieces of furniture, cardboard boxes and sometimes the railing at Stacy's cabin.

He is also known for disrupting videos by climbing onto Stacy or walking across the desk.

In DogcraftEdit


After arriving at a jungle in search for Ocelots, Milquetoast was eventually tamed soon after Dog The Cat. After returning home, she built them a temporary home in a little shack behind her bedroom. She then bred Dog and Milquetoast and made a baby orange tabby cat named Stampy. She also has adopted a siamese kitten (now adult) named Mistletoe.

Milquetoast and the MouseEdit

In episode 159 of Dogcraft Stacy encounters a mouse (soon to be named Pipsqueak). She then worries about if one of the dogs or Milquetoast will kill it. However, later in the series Milquetoast meets Pipsqueak and is okay with it.

In epawsode 307, Pip the cat killed Pipsqueak, leaving Milque possibly heartbroken.

Tomcat TowersEdit

In episode 84 of Dogcraft Stacy builds Tomcat Towers, a place in which all her cats can live in. She built Tomcat Towers because she felt bad about not giving the cats a proper home since the whole creeper debacle.


  • The word 'milquetoast' means someone who is timid or submissive.
    • In a vlog, Stacy reveals that Milquetoast in real life is also timid and shy.  
  • Unlike Page, Molly, and Polly, Milquetoast was named after his Dogcraft character, instead of having a character named after the real-life animal.
  • In Monday Vlogs, he seems to be very sleepy and inactive, but according to Stacy he is actually a very active cat.
    Screenshot 2016-01-26 at 9.20.18 PM
  • Milquetoast is the first cat Stacy has ever owned.
  • Apparently, Stacy is slightly allergic to him.
    • However, this has been proven false as it was the cat litter that triggered her allergic reaction. The cat litter that Stacy bought was wheat cat litter, which Stacy is allergic to, due to her celiac disease. 
  • Stacy calls Milquetoast Page, Molly, and Polly's brother.  
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  • Stacy also now refers to herself as a 'Cat Person'. 
  • Milquetoast's real-life adoption has been somewhat accidentally foreshadowed by Stacy.
    • Milquetoast appeared near Stacy on her "Once Upon a Mesa" Poster.
    • When asked which Dogcraft character she'd like to own in real life, she said that she'd want Milquetoast.
    • In a previous Monday Vlog, while she was feeding the stray kittens that lived in her grandparent especially farm, she particularly wanted to take home a grayish kitten, with similar fur-color as Milque to fate asthma.
  • Originally, Stacy thought that it was likely that Milquetoast would never meet Polly, since Polly acts very predatory towards Page, however, Polly actually became very good friends with Milquetoast before any of the other dogs. 
  • Milquetoast is sometimes too rough with Pipsqueak, Stacy's new cat.