Milk in Minecraft

Milk is a white drink rich in fat and protein, produced by female mammals for the nourishment of their young.

Milk has become a popular trademark and icon of Stacy's channel, with Stacy consistently expressing her love of the drink and traditionally carries a bucket of milk in her Minecraft inventory.

Milk in Minecraft Edit

Stacy's grape soda

Milk in the 'Once Upon a Mesa' Poster

Stacy has frequently mentioned her love of Milk in her minecraft series, Stacy traditionally carries a bucket of Cows Milk in her inventory as a way of quickly stopping a poison attack from killing her.

Stacy traditionally has a milk supplier in her minecraft series, notably Honey Moo Moo from Dogcraft.

Stacyplays milk

Stacy drinking a glass of Milk

Milk outside of Minecraft Edit

Because of Stacy's personal love of Milk, the drink has become an icon of the channel and has appeared numerous times in Fan art.

In Stacy's 'Once Upon a Mesa' Poster (illustrating her characters in series), a bottle of milk can be seen in Stacy's picnic basket, next to grape Soda.

Trivia Edit

  • Stacy has stated that she drinks a glass of Milk while editing her videos.
  • Stacy often tries out Milk related drinks and foods in vlogs and posts.
  • After being nominated for the 'Ice Bucket challenge', Stacy creatively used Milk instead of water, the tub was too heavy however and was accidentally dropped on Page. Stacy poured the milk on her head afterwards.
  • One of the dalmatians in the Dalmatian Plantation is named Milky, after milk.