Hungercraft (Season 1)
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April 26, 2013


September 18, 2013

Hungercraft is a Minecraft series featuring Stacy and Joey. It is the first series Stacy ever uploaded and is noted for creating the now popular catchphrase of "I Died!". 


Hungercraft is a Minecraft version of the Hunger Games. The goal of the map is to be the last person alive. Each person starts off with no items, but can choose to run to the nearby cornocopia, which is surrounded by chests. 

The series often featured several guests, such as ThatOneTomahawk and DevonLoves, though they were never connected through a video chat. 

Due to getting annoyed at fans for giving them stuff and ruining the fun, the two decided to start a new series called Secret Hungercraft, in which the two use a new account so fans don't recognize them.

"I Died!" Edit

"I Died!" is a popular catchphrase relating to the series, the quote was used by both Stacy and Joey if either was to be killed in a map.

The catchphrase has remained popular on Stacy's channel and is often related to Stacy's incompetent skills with PVP (Player vs Player) and PVE (Player vs Environment). The phrase was also referenced by Stacy in the 'I Died' challenge of Mineclash. A fan made compilation video was made showing Stacy and Joey saying "I Died!" (posted below).

Joey & Stacy - "I DIIIEEED!"-0

Joey & Stacy - "I DIIIEEED!"-0


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  • Hungercraft is noted for being the first series on Stacy's channel.
  • Stacy and Joey often recorded hours at a time.
  • In November 2015, Joey started a Season 2 of Hungercraft more than two years after the first season ended. The series features both Joey and Stacy's perspectives. 
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