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HeyImBee (also known as just 'Bee') is a popular female Australian gamer known for playing Minecraft and The Sims. She has accompanied Stacy in several Minecraft series and are good friends. Bee's real name is Bianca.

Personal Life Edit

Bee resides in Australia and currently lives by herself and often goes to the beach a lot Bee is very sweet and bubbly, and is frequently happy.

Nutella Edit

She absolutely loves Nutella and talks about it in many of her videos. Her love of Nutella is often featured in fan art. She no longer can eat Nutella because she became vegan.

Collabs with Stacy Edit

Bee skin

Bee's Minecraft Skin

Cube SMP Edit

Main article: Cube SMP

Bee and Stacy frequently saw each other in survival series The Cube, they would have a quick chat and buy items from each others shops.

Bee is currently a part of The Cube Season 3. 

UHC Edit

Main article: Cube UHC

Bee appeared in UHC season 6 and was teamed with Grapeapplesauce, the two came in second place while Stacy (teamed with KermitPlaysMC) came in 12th.

Season 7 was single player and bee finished in 10th (Killed by MrMitch) and Stacy finished in 4th (Killed by Grapeapplesauce). Bee continues to appear in various series of UHC.

UHShe Edit

Main Article: UHShe

Stacy and Bee

Bee has taken part in all three Seasons of UHShe, an all female Ultra Hardcore series created by Stacy. Bee is known for her skill with the Bow during PVP (Player vs Player), and currently holds the record (alongside AshleyMarieeGaming) for the most kills spanning over each season, with a total of six.

Bee recently won Season 3 of UHShe.


Main article: Mineclash 

Bee guest starred in the Valentines Day challenge of Mineclash, as Bee and Graser used to have a running gag where they were married. Bee made another guest appearance exactly one year later during the 2016 Love Hearts Valentines Day Challenge. 

UHC StatsEdit

Cube UHC Elimination History Edit

  • Due to Stacy only participating in Seasons 5-8, if you would like to read summaries on Bee's other seasons, please visit the Cube Wiki.
Season Team Status Episode(s) Individual Kill(s) Individaul Rank Team Rank
S.6 Team Blades Shot by Bayani - Pandas 9 0 3rd 2nd
S.7 - Killed by MrMitch361 7 0 10th -

UHShe Elimination History Edit

Season Team Status Episode(s) Individual Kill(s) Team Kill(s) Individual Rank Team Rank
S.1 - Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming 6 0 - 8th -
S.2 Aussie Slain by Pip3r GamesDino 11 4 3 3rd 3rd
S.3 - Winner 6 2 - 1st -
S.4 - Slain by RealSquigGames 4 0 - 11th -
S.6 - Slain by RealSquigGames 8 0 - 5th -
S.8 AussieClownz Shot by Skeleton 2 0 0 17th 9th

Channel Edit


HeyImBee's channel has over 400,000 subscribers, featuring several Minecraft series such as UHC, The Cube and Crazy Craft (along with random Minecraft videos). Although Bee primarily plays Minecraft games, her channel often features other games, most notably The Sims 4.

Bee Afraid Edit

A second channel titled 'Bee Afraid' was launched February 22nd, 2016. Bee explained that this channel will be not about gaming, but the telling of creepy stories, something Bee stated she loves. During the announcement video, Bee mentioned the channel is primarily "a hobby", and may have an upload schedule of one video per day (while her gaming channel remains at two per day). The channel also differs from her main one, because she swears and lacks any joyful emotions, in order to atmospherically portray the stories; it has amassed over 38,000 subscribers.

Trivia Edit

  • Bee received her nickname by her family when she was little.
  • She is known for substituting words with "bee" to other words with a similar sound. 
  • Her favourite colour is blue- despite her famous black and yellow stripes and green eyes.
  • Bee hit 100K on February 17th, 2015.
  • Bee reached 300K subscribers on December 16th, 2015.
  • Despite her name, Bee is actually allergic to bees.
  • There is a running gag involving her and Graser where the two say that they are married. This ended in court, in The Cube SMP, where Bee got a legal divorce, claiming that he forced her to marry him. He regretted this, and told lies in his defense, and it ended when she killed him in Minecraft. 
  • Bee took two large breaks from YouTube -- one ending in February 2014 and the other ending in July 2014. She currently promises not to take any more breaks.
  • Her favorite video game is Minecraft.
  • Her biggest fears are moths, seaweed, and bees.
  • She revealed her name in her 200k subscribers Draw My Life video, along with revealing her relationship, age, etc.
    • Her 'Draw My Life' video has become her second most popular video, with over 1,000,000 views.

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