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Personal Status


First Appearance

"Baby Zombie Hi" (EP. 92)

Last Appearance

"The Explosion" (EP.158)

Felicity was a Baby Zombie in Dogcraft looked after by Stacy, she wore gold armour and was seen holding gunpowder in her right hand.

In Dogcraft Edit

Felicity's first appearance was in episode 92 of Dogcraft, she was found by the Hound Hospital wanting to kill Dr. Ninehealer. Stacy named her Felicity and after a chase from the vet to Stacy's home, Stacy trapped her in a cupboard under the stairs.

Felicity's new Room Edit

Felicity room

Felicity in her new Room

Felicity was given a new room in episode 96, her new room is still in the basement and is much larger and contains a skull painting, a bed, a pile of Coal (to resemble gun powder) and a plush Sheep. The room is glassed in at the front so Stacy could see Felicity. After her death, Ham and Eggs occupied the room. The duo have since dissapeared, and the room is empty to this day.

Stacy usually said hello to her. If given the chance, Felicity would likely try to kill Stacy. Felicity remained in the room until her untimely death.

After coming back from the Dog Rescue expedition, Stacy found one of the glass panes from Felicity's room to be broken, and that Felicity was no longer in her room, likely meaning Felicity had escaped.

Return and DeathEdit

Much after Felicity's mysterious disappearance, Stacy began to mine deep into a mountain with the

Death of Felicity

Death of Felicity

intent to blow it up. Surprisingly, Stacy came across a path which she had not mined, and that already had TNT in it. Stacy explored the cave even further, and discovered a zombie with golden armor; a grown up Felicity. Obviously, Felicity immediately started attacking Stacy, and eventually killed her. Stacy rushed to get her stuff back, and discovered Felicity holding her very expensive Dog Defender. With the sword, Felicity was once again easily able to kill Stacy. Stacy decided to lure Felicity out of the cave and back towards her house, but soon after walking into sunlight, Felicity's helmet abruptly broke, and Felicity began to burn. Stacy panicked, and tried luring Felicity into the splash pad, but Felicity's lack of skill caused her to jump out, and she burned to death. Stacy was upset, considering the fact that her mule died a few epawsodes ago. 

Trivia Edit

  • Felicity is the only Zombie in Dogcraft to be named and looked after for a period longer than one episode.
  • Felicity is also the only known Zombie to be named and looked after by Stacy in any series.
  • Felicity's name is a feminine alteration of Felix, another zombie she tried to befriend.
  • Because Stacy's dogs frequently tried to kill Felicity, she was likely the most hated character in Dogcraft.
  • Stacy's mountain (featured in the same episode) was dedicated to Felicity.
  • It is unknown why Stacy kept Felicity when she hates baby Zombies.