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Dr. Nineheeler (Ep. 42)

Dr. K Nineheeler is Stacy's vet in Dogcraft and currently runs the 'Hound Hospital' where she works and lives. She has helped many of Stacy's pets recover from injury and sickness (who are usually better the following episode). Despite her help, she often relies on Stacy because she gets stuck.

In Dogcraft Edit

Creation Edit

Dr. Nineheeler's first appearance was in episode 42 of Dogcraft after Stacy had built the 'Hound Hospital'. Stacy then went on to create a History Textbook which spawned in multiple vilagers until a doctor would appear, this Doctor would soon go on to be called Dr. K Nineheeler.

The Creeper War Edit

In the aftermath of The Creeper War, Dr. Nineheeler cured Dog the cat who had been brainwashed by the Creepers. The 'Hound Hospital' was also a good place for Stacy to hide while the Creepers approached her home.

The 2015 April Fools Prank Edit

Stacy noticed Strange Mobs in her map such as a man wearing tattered clothing (a werewolf). Stacy took the man into Dr. Nineheeler's vet.

At night time, Stacy found a white vest, meaning Dr. Nineheeler had been killed by the werewolf. Stacy revealed this to be an April Fools prank and that none of the mobs have done any actual damage to the Dogcraft World, meaning Dr. Nineheeler was alive and well.

The Hound Hospital Edit

Hound hospital

The Hound Hospital

The Hound Hospital is Dr. Nineheeler's home and base of operation where he treats all of Stacy's Dogs. Rooms in the Vet include a waiting area, Dr Nineheeler's office, a Quarantine room and a Recovery room.

Stacy began building the Vet in episode 39 and completed it in episode 40. The vet has since been vital in treating/ curing Stacy's Dogs.

Vet Makeover Edit

In epawsode 252, Stacy constructed the F.L.I.C.K, a second floor for K. The room contains a operating corner, a nursery and a chemistry station that was added in "Chemistry and Coughing".

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Nineheeler is one of only four villagers living around Stacy's area. The others being Madeleine, Henri, and formerly Butch.
  • Dr. Nineheeler is also the complete opposite of Madeleine, with Dr. Nineheeler consistently being of use to Stacy, while Madeleine is very grumpy and never wants to help Stacy.
  • K is also slightly similar to Madeleine. Madeleine doesn't want to help Stacy, while Doc gets into some situations like being stuck in the Quaratine cages that she can't help.
  • It was a shock to many viewers that Doctor Nineheeler was female.
  • Dr. Nineheeler is an amazing animal doctor. She never messes up!