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"Dogeared Page" (CH. 8)

Dogear is a Wolf from Bookcraft who is Stacy's loyal companion and sidekick.

Since his first appearance, Dogear has become the most recognizable character from Bookcraft, appearing also in Dogcraft during the Bookcraft/Dogcraft crossover.

In Bookcraft Edit

Dogear tamed

A newly tamed Dogear

Dogear's first appearance was in Chapter 8 of Bookcraft, Stacy found Dogear with a pack of Wolves but appeared to be bullied by one of them. Stacy decided he would be her new companion and tamed him.

After the two returned home, Dogear was given a room underneath the stairs (referencing Harry Potter), containing a Diary and cooked sausage.

Dogear has since been working alongside Stacy and the Walschaerts Build Team in building and also testing the builds, Dogear also helps Stacy in taking care of Mobs. Dogear was Stacy's only companion during the 'Hatchet' book which had the two stranded after their plane sank in a lake and Nathan couldn't find them.

Bookcraft/Dogcraft Crossover Edit

Dogear dogcraft

Stacy finding Dogear in Dogcraft

During episode 124 of Dogcraft, Stacy found Dogear with her other wolves and had no idea how he came from Bookcraft to Dogcraft.

She soon gave a tour of the Dogcraft world to Dogear, and was very eager for Dogear to meet Stacy's other dog Page, as they both had a strong interest in books. 

However, It was soon revealed that Dogear had travelled through a portal made from books, created by Cruella de Vil. She made the portal in order to steal Stacy's newly reached 101 Dalmatians.

Then, Dogear travelled back to the Bookcraft world to track down the Dalmatians and defeat Cruella, which they successfully did. Dogear has since remained in the Bookcraft world and continues to accompany and aid Stacy in her builds.

Dogear poster

Dogear in Stacy's 'Once Upon a Mesa' Poster

Trivia Edit

  • Since his first appearance, Dogear has become the most recognisable character from Bookcraft, appearing in Dogcraft and being referenced in other series.
  • Dogear appears in Stacy's 'Once Upon a Mesa' with several other characters.
  • Dogear is also Stacy's first wolf and pet in Bookcraft.