Dangerous Dog Rescue
Episode 7
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April 19, 2014



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"Dangerous Dog Rescue" is the seventh episode of Dogcraft and was uploaded April 19th, 2014.

Overview Edit

Stacy begins the episode by luring Lil' Yellow Fluff Ball (and another chicken) into the pen but multiple escaped including Creampuff, eventually Stacy lures most of them back into the pen.

Stacy then shows her carrots and potatoes planted in the farm which she harvests until night, she then breeds the animals with the crops.

After creating an Enchanting table, Stacy enchants her diamond pickaxe and bow. Stacy then scoped out the area and found a beagle who she eventually called 'Tails', another Beagle was found on a tall ledge and was rescued by Stacy and was called 'Flake'.

Stacy went mining for iron to create dog bowls and stumbled apon more diamonds! She also needed lapis for blue dye which she eventually found. After the dog bowls were made Stacy realized she needed raw pork so most of the pigs were slaughtered. The episode then ends after Stacy returns to the 'Forbidden Forest' to find the Huskies she spotted last episode, she tames one and calls him 'Sirius'.