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First Appearance

"101 Dalmations" (EP.123)

Last Appearance

"Cruella De Vil" (EP.125)

Cruella de Vil was a major character and the villain during the Dogcraft/Bookcraft crossover. She was responsible for kidnapping Stacy's Dalmatians and had the same motives as she did in the book.

In Dogcraft Edit

Cruella dalmatians

Cruella with the Dalmatians

In Episode 123 of Dogcraft, Cruella created a portal (made from books) to bring her from the Bookcraft universe to the Dogcraft world. At the time when Stacy had just reached the 101 Dalmatians she had been aiming for throughout the series, Stacy found Dogear the day after. Unaware of the kidnapped Dalmatians, Stacy gave Dogear a tour of the map but soon learned of what Cruella has done.

Stacy then geared up and found the portal Cruella had made to get from Bookcraft to Dogcraft.

In Bookcraft Edit

Cruella server

Stacy seeing Cruella on the server

In Bookcraft, Cruella took the dogs to her mansion. Stacy, Pongo, Perdita and Dogear travelled through the portal to get to Bookcraft, finding Cruella on the server.

Stacy eventually travelled to where Cruella was and after freeing dozens of the Dalmatians, the two fought to the death with Cruella being able to poison Stacy twice. Stacy eventually managed to kill Cruella and took the Dalmatians back to Dogcraft.

At the time, Stacy and the Walschaerts Build Team were building from the 101 Dalmatians book, although the NPC skin was based off of the movie 101 Dalmatians.

Aftermath Edit

Deceased cruella

Stacy with a deceased Cruella

During the 101 Dalmatians book, Stacy's Bookcraft librarian Ms. Reedsalaught was revealed to be college roommates with Cruella for a time, as she learned that Cruella had died, Ms. Reedsalaught attented her funeral.

In Dogcraft, Cruella's mansion had been transformed into a magical new home for the Dalmatians and the dyed poodles.

Trivia Edit

Death of Cruella

Stacy kills Cruella

  • Cruella was made from a custom NPC by PDawgWoolf, who is a member of Walschaerts Build Team.
  • Cruella is one of only four villains in Dogcraft, the others being Dog the Cat, Ninja, and Butch.
  • She was said to have been college roommates with Ms. Reedsalaught.