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March 22, 2014



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A Dalmatian Plantation

Udder Chaos

"Chickadeeanya" is the third episode of Dogcraft, and was on uploaded March 22nd, 2014.

Episode Overview Edit

The episode begins with Stacy planning on moving her small wheat farm to somewhere bigger, she collects seeds and lures two chickens into her house. After a brief search Stacy finds and tames her second Dalmatian who she calls Pongo, Stacy then leaves him at her home with Perdita and Molly.

Stacy then works on her wheat farm in order to breed the cows and the farm is now placed by a nearby river. Her new objective was mining where Stacy found a huge cave full of iron and Gold etc. After a long search Stacy managed to find a vein of four diamonds, after nearly dying multiple times from mobs Stacy heads back up to the surface.

Stacy makes her way back and almost triggers a creeper explosion next to her home, once inside she finds several eggs which she throws and hatches a baby chick. The episode then ends with Stacy using nametags to officially name Molly, Pongo, Perdita and a chick "Lil' Yellow Fluffball", which will eventually cause lots of trouble in the next epawsode.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode in the series where Stacy finds Diamonds.
  • The episode also has the first appearance of a Slime.
  • The 'DogCam' features Page and Molly doing tricks, playing and eating.
  • The run time is 32:31.