Attack of the B-Team
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April 30, 2014


November 16, 2014

Attack of the B-Team was a modded survival series with Joey and Shawn, which was first uploaded on April 30th, 2014. the series ended on November 16, 2014 due to scheduling conflicts.


When they first started the series, Stacy, Joey, and Shawn had a lot of fun with the series. They build homes, explored the terrain, mined, and tested out the many different mods available. Stacy pulled multiple pranks on Joey, such as the infamous Ocelot Prank. The mod that they most focused on, however, was the Witchery mod, in which they became quite adept.

In Attack of the B-Team, Stacy had a small group of usually black cats, which she named "The Tabby Society", though Joey ended up killing most of them.

Another part of the series was dragons, and Stacy eventually hatched a dragon egg by the beach, and it eventually hatched into a water dragon. The dragon was nicknamed "The Laggy Draggy" due to Stacy's game lagging every time she rode him.

Episodes Edit

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  • With a total of 68 mods, it is the series with the most mods on Stacy's channel.
  • The series ended mostly due to scheduling issues between the three of them.