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March 8, 2014



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A Dalmatian Plantation

"A Ruff Start" is the first episode of Dogcraft, and was uploaded on March 8th, 2014. 

Episode Overview Edit

The episode begins with Stacy doing "the normal mine crafty things" to start a series such as cutting down trees and making the basic tools and killing for food. The first dog she finds in the series resembles her real life dog Molly (a beagle), but cannot be tamed (due to Stacy not having any dog biscuits).

As it becomes night Stacy barely survives the mobs and nearly falls into lava, she begins caving (unsuccessfully) until sunrise where she is able to find a better cave containing iron and coal. The second night has Stacy hiding away in a dirt hill where she makes dog biscuits and a bed. When she sleeps Molly sneaks into her brain to find out it's made of sunshine, sweets, and other jolly things.

The following day Stacy makes a dog collar and manages to tame her first dog (a beagle), Stacy then gives the dog collar to the dog and they set off to find an ideal home.

The episode then ends with Stacy revealing where she will build her home and also a brief discovery of Dalmatian dogs, Pongo and Perdita.

Dog Cam Edit

Throughout the entire episode a "Dog Cam" of Molly can be seen in the top right corner of the episode, She is mainly sleeping but occasionally stares at the camera, the "Dog Cam" will go on to feature Page and will be featured in several more episodes to come.

  • This is one of only eleven episodes to feature the original Dogcraft thumbnail.
  • This is the first episode to feature Stacy's now popular outro "Page and Molly Love you, go rescue a dog"
  • This is Stacy's most viewed video, currently with over 1,700,000 views.
  • However, this was recently beaten by episode 1 of Mermaid Mondays.
  •  The running time is 21 minutes, 50 seconds