A Beagle Biome
Episode 6
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April 12, 2014



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Omelets, Creampuffs & Squickens, Oh My

Dangerous Dog Rescue

"A Beagle Biome" is the sixth episode of Dogcraft and was uploaded April 12th, 2014.

Overview Edit

Stacy begins the episode showing the room she cleared in order to make her dog shelter, she then passes the animals and reveals a newly built pet cemetery area where she has decided to bury all of the deceased pets/animals, the only animal in the cemetery is "Omelet (drowned)" who died in the previous episode.

After Stacy made food bowls for her Dalmatians she went mining but after mining into lava she died. The episode then cuts to stacy's build of a dog house built to contain the dogs Stacy will rescue.

Throughout the night, Stacy farms and harvests the wheat but when heading home she finds four skeletons by the path, she detours and runs into a spider Jockey, after she kills him and sleeps.

Stacy travel's in the 'Forbidden Forest' behind the Dog shelter until she discovers an area full of Beagles, she continues along and then finds a snow biome with Huskies. Stacy becomes lost heading back and discovers a village containing carrots she wanted to find, eventually she makes it back home and lures two pigs into a pen, ending the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • The pet cemetery was inspired by Lizzie's Shadowcraft cemetery.
  • This was the epawsode of Stacy's first death.